Residential Cleaning Service Surrey

Residential Cleaning Service

resdiential-cleaning-service-surreyThere is probably no tougher cleaning standard to meet than the cleaning of ones home. However, Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. is aware of this and has developed a Residential cleaning division that has proven to be very successful.

Maid Services throughout the lower mainland are in great numbers, however not all have the experience in different cleaning sectors as Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. We use our commercial and government cleaning experience to expand the normal cleaning requirements given with most maid services. We have cleaned thousands of kitchen and washroom facilities throughout our thirty years in this business, and have learned to structure it in residential cleaning. We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products so that your indoor air quality is always excellent, and your family healthy.

Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd.—Residential division will continue with the same high cleaning standards that you may have experienced in one of our government or commercial cleaning facilities. We have a wide range of cleaning services and cleaning frequencies tailor made for your busy schedule. Why come home to more work after a long day—call Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. and let’s clean house.